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Would you like to feel happier and more fulfilled, while leading a more meaningful and creative life?


Are you experiencing difficult emotions?


Do you find it hard to express your feelings?


Are you feeling angry, stressed, depressed, or lonely?


Are you struggling in your relationships?


Do you tell yourself that you do not deserve happiness in life?


Do you fail to achieve goals in your life?


Are you struggling with an eating disorder, or addictive behaviour?


If you relate to any of these questions, then qualified and registered arts therapist, Elaine Matthews Venter can help you to create the happiness and healing that you deserve.


Make your appointment today, to begin your journey to a happier and more creative way of living.




I am an experienced, qualified and registered trauma informed arts therapist who works with adults , teenagers and children.

I am registered with the ACC as a provider for sensitive claims (for people who have experienced sexual abuse), as well as a provider for I AM HOPE, and with WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand).

I work within a person-centred, solution focused, strengths based framework, and focus on assisting clients to express feelings that are difficult to verbalise, work through problems, recover from trauma, change self destructive behaviour, and to find direction, resolution and healing.  

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