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I am an experienced, qualified and registered arts therapist. I work with adults and children. I also facilitate arts therapy groups aimed at recovery, rehabilitation and well being. 


I offer the following services:


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My consulting room is at 71A Gledstane Rd in Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Auckland.


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Individual arts therapy
Children and teens



Arts psychotherapy can help you to gain insight into your problems, and to find compassionate, creative strategies to support your recovery.


The compassionate, caring support I provide can help you to express your emotions, and to find healing. Arts psychotherapy can also help you to find new ways to interact positively with your loved ones, friends and in your workplace.


Arts psychotherapy is an evidence based and effective pathway which can help you to feel happier, and  to lead a more meaningful and  creative life.


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Arts psychotherapy can help children and teens to express feelings that are sometimes difficult to verbalise.


I will work with your child, or teen to gain insight into their requirements and problems, and to find compassionate and creative ways to support their development and recovery. 


When working with children and teens, I aim to provide creative pathways to healing, and to enable them to heal, and to interact positively in their home, social and school environments.



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Arts therapy is a highly effective way for those who have experienced stroke, brain injury, accident or illness to recover physical capacity, build self-esteem, and experience enhanced emotional well-being, while receiving compassionate support and encouragement.  


Elaine works with groups, as well as with individual clients to enhance their ongoing recovery. 


Beneficiaries may be eligible to receive subsidised individual arts therapy through WINZ. Groups and care-givers are welcome to contact Elaine to find out more about accessing arts therapy for those in their care.


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Arts in the Workplace

A supportive and caring group can be the ideal environment for your personal growth and healing. During group arts therapy sessions we make art as a way to enhance our wellbeing, express our feelings, to heal, to discover pathways to recovery, and to build self-esteem.


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Creative Connections Arts in the Workplace events are tailored to suit workplace and corporate environments.  Elaine is skilled at using creative processes as a way to access the collective group intelligence. Arts based activities provide concrete, tangible, visible, and experiential evidence of problem solving, by demonstrating how mistakes can be transformed into creative learning opportunities.


Creative events aim at:

  • Seeking creative resolutions to conflict.

  • Enhancing communication skills, and creative thinking.

  • Reducing work related stress, and the resulting mental and physical health problems.

  • Building team identity.

  • Encouraging happiness, enthusiasm, and wellbeing in the workplace.


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Arts in Workplace, more info

Creative, fun, versatile, on-site, or outdoor (eco-art) workplace events, provide non-threatening, enjoyable ways to navigate change, overcome obstacles, negotiate crossroads, discover new pathways, and set and reach goals.


Effective, evidence based approaches are geared to:


  • Strengthening employee skills in critical areas such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, change management, intercultural communication, and presentation.


  • Opening up possibilities for new models of team interaction.


  • Enhancing individual and team performance, productivity, and workplace identity


  • Improving employee mental health and well-being.


  • Accessing innate creativity and playfulness.


  • Fostering creative thinking.

Elaine is a qualified arts therapist, who is trained and experienced in providing unique insight into personal and team dynamics and processes. This means that her facilitation evokes responses and outcomes which are outstandingly different from other training, team building and personal development programmes.


A unique combination of playful creativity, art making, mindfulness and physical awareness enhances intellectual flexibility, increases ability to adjust appropriately to challenges, and encourages resourceful and imaginative responses to complex environments. Creative Connections Arts in the Workplace events:


  • Encourage a constructive approach to innovation and growth.


  • Enhance creativity, innovative thinking, goal setting, and individual and group confidence.


  • Improve team motivation, workplace productivity, communication, and morale.


  • Inspire self and group confidence, social intelligence, emotional intelligence, creativity and productivity.


  • Provide an effective demonstration of how order and harmony can be created out of what might initially look like chaos.  


  • Reduce employee stress, and the resulting stress related mental and physical health problems.

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