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"Expressing myself creatively is helping me to understand how my negative outlook has affected my life. Art therapy is helping me to change this and to focus on postive ways to live my life happily and creatively."  (Adult client)


"I am convinced that I am 100% better off from having experienced Art Therapy, and I would recommend it to everyone!" (Adult client)


"I love using the art materials to express feelings and emotions. I am learning how to care for myself through this process."   (Adult client)



"Art therapy is awesome. It unblocked a lot of hidden passages long blocked, which needed to be accessed. Highly recommended to all."  (Adult client)


"I always felt comfortable and relaxed in therapy with Elaine. She made it easy for me to talk and process my feelings. Arts therapy enabled me to do a heck of a lot of soul searching and emptying, very much akin to detoxing the body. As with all forms of detoxing, a lot of toxins get 'mobilised' from their hiding places in your system. The mobilising is necessary so they can be flushed out.... but when the toxins are mobilised you 'feel' them and experience some pretty yucky symptoms until they are expelled." (Adult client)



"My Art Therapy sessions mobilised a lot of old feelings, fears, pains, scars and "dirt" that I have carried with me for a very, very long time. Old wounds, old notions, old image ideas, old hurts from past relationships, childhood experiences, traumas and REALLY a whole heap of septic, rotten GUNK that does not serve me....but that was squashed away in hiding and left to fester inside me. With all of that in 'motion' I was then able to deal with it all and seriously purge it from my life with fresh new thoughts and ideas. The process of drawing and then talking was absolutely a TONIC! A cleanse!" (Adult client)



"The arts therapy sessions with Elaine made a huge difference for our pre-schooler. Arts therapy helped him to express his feelings, and helped us to understand how we could help him. Elaine really worked so well with our child, and helped him to show us what he was struggling with, by drawing, and with play dough, paint and crayons. We were referred to Elaine by a friend, who suggested that she could help our child who had been suffering from anxiety. I would strongly recommend arts therapy to parents who have children who are going through a rough time. We are very glad to have heard about Elaine and her work. We are so glad that she could help us." (Parents of pre-school child)



Client testimonials
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Group feedback
Arts in the workplace feedback

"I found Elaine to be empathetic to the right degree , a great listener, picking up on cues & giving suggestions appropriately. She demonstrated great skills in being able to adapt to the needs of the group & individuals, which changed unexpectantly. The group therefore felt listened to, and they learned new skills in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. I would highly recommend working with Elaine." (Lorna Crawford,  Community Stroke Advisor, Stroke Foundation of New Zealand)


"I felt heard and respected by Elaine. I was amazed at how effective the group arts therapy sessions have been in helping me to manage my problems and to resist relapsing into old, self-destructive habits". (Participant in arts therapy group)



"Arts therapy is a very important part of my recovery. I value the process and also really enjoy the fact that I often create works of art that make me feel proud of my abilities." (Participant in arts therapy group)



"I enjoy the fact that our sessions begin with mindfulness, this really helps me to relax and focus. I find the art therapy sessions inspiring. I am starting to find out who I truly am." (Participant in arts therapy group)



"The art therapy sessions are a highlight of my week. I think that the art therapy is helping me so much more than my medication. I find the drawing, and the therapy very important to my well-being." (Participant in arts therapy group)



"Participating in the arts therapy group helps me to be kinder, and less critical of myself. I am developing self-compassion, and changing my self-sabotaging old habits."  (Participant in arts therapy group)



"I am so glad to have encountered this art therapy group. It is giving me so much hope. It is great to share feelings and my art work with other people who understand me. I don't have to feel ashamed. I feel so much stronger and I know that the art therapy group has helped me. Thank you."  (Participant in arts therapy group)


"I found the sessions to be very relaxing and enjoyable, and felt no pressure to be a good artist. I was able to learn some basic painting skills, and enjoyed being able to produce a painting to be proud of to hang at home." (Participant in arts therapy group)


"An amazing opportunity to experience working with colour and form. Having never painted before, I found the experience challenging and very satisfying. I intend to further experimenting with these new mediums." (Participant in arts therapy group)


"I found the sessions very relaxing, interesting and renewing. They were a good learning experience". (Participant in arts therapy group).


"I was sceptical at first, but really enjoyed the sessions and found them very helpful." (Participant in arts therapy group)


“I really enjoyed this experience and would love to do more!!!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"The facilitation was fantastic and I appreciated Elaine's way of organising the sessions and our time. I would love to do much more of this!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"Elaine, you are a really calm and relaxed facilitator and held the space in the group really nicely. It felt safe and contained. Great job!!!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"What a great session from Elaine! I really enjoyed her approach and experiencing the group processes. The art therapy and clay let me give it my own personal touch and allowed me an opportunity to experience the power of art therapy!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"I have learned a lot from this session with Elaine. As a teacher I do art with children daily, so it is good to have some insight into how to use art as a relationship building conversation starter. This session very much appealed to my need to learn through doing! I would love to learn more in the future for my journey towards educational psychology. Thank you!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"I enjoyed the session a lot! Good to revisit the power of what comes up (physically/emotionally) during this process. It is great to use images to evoke feeling. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and share!" (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"This was a great experience. Working and crafting material, and not fearing that mistakes matter. I enjoyed being able to let my thoughts flow in the moment, and at the same time being reflective of my feelings and what was going on for me in that moment. I really enjoyed this session. Thank you". (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"I want to thank you for such an inspirational session. You did a wonderful job of explaining how exploring creativity has significant therapeutic health benefits." (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"You have inspired me personally and this weekend I am going out to buy some blank canvas’s and paint!"      (Participant in arts in the workplace event)



"Thanks for inspiring us and planting that seed of hope in our organisation". (Participant in arts in the workplace event)

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